Feb 17

The Stubborn Refusal to Compensate

We take our ability to operate our vehicles for granted; we’re not nearly as skilled to driving them as we would like to believe. In those brief moments leading up to an accident where snap, near instantaneous decisions are needed to save lives the vast majority of us are not going to be able to make them. We naturally stall, freezing before the horror that is coming toward us despite the need to make a decision. We know that we have to decide but we’re simply unable to. This is where insurance and a Los Angeles auto accident attorney become absolutely necessary. Even if covered by an insurance agency I’ve always found that it is good practice to also contact an attorney in case you’re required to appear at court or if either insurance company (yours and those involved in the accident) attempt to stall awarding you fair compensation and fulfilling their contract with you.

It’s incredible how often this will happen. For no rhyme or reason other than to possibly keep their customers on their toes, insurance companies will often go through a lengthy process in awarding compensation by involving adjusters and doctors of their own choosing. Having an attorney at your side will help expedite this nonsense; this is exactly what they’re here to do. I might moan the necessary evil that lawyers represent but they do their job and they generally do it well. They’ve made for themselves a fine niche – no insurance company wants to be bogged down by a lawyer who is sending them to court again and again. It costs everyone money and money is the one thing that they are trying to preserve. Sometimes a case can become too expensive for them leading them to finally reward the party or parties involved what they’re due.