Feb 25

The Basic Principles Of Divorce

The basic principles of divorce derive from the principles of marriage. This means that if marriage is a union between two people of opposite genders in most countries and/or of similar genders in some states, the divorce is the dissolution of that union. Many people consider that divorce and annulment of the marriage are the same things. However, the main principles that stand of the bases of these two legal concepts contradict this belief.

First of all, the annulment of the marriage happens only in some clearly pre-established conditions stipulated by the legal system that applies in the state at a specific moment. This means that a marriage which is annulled becomes null and void without having to go through a process of divorce. On the other hand, a divorce is a more complex procedure that may or not have the same results as the annulment process. One thing is for sure, that is, very few marriages qualify for an annulment while most people who want to terminate their marriage union have to go through a divorce.

One of the basic principles of divorce relies on the motivation. This usually comes from the psychological factors that result from irreconcilable perceptions between the partners. One of the most frequently met causes of divorce these days is adultery. In a monogamous society people cannot accept that their partners have relationships outside their marriage. If in some cases these escapades can be overcame with couples therapy, in other situations this is one of the things that stand at the bases of a divorce lawsuit.

The dissolution of marriage brings along a cancelation of the legal duties of both partners. This way they no longer have legal responsibilities as the bonds of matrimony are legally dissolved. However, the process of divorce establishes clearly all issue concerning the spousal support or child support. Moreover, during a divorce process the property is divided between the partners either in the way the prenuptial agreement stipulates or as a consequence of the process of divorce. In some cases this agreement comes naturally as both partners decide how to divide their properties and other possessions.

Unfortunately not all divorces occur in a simple elegant manner which is why it is important to fight for your rights with the help of a legal specialist. A family law solicitor is probably the best person to turn to in such situations. He can offer sound advice that you cannot find anywhere else. This way you can make sure you are getting a fair divorce and that the end of your marriage is the start of a new better life.