Sep 12

Some Teens Stole My Car

Of course not every bad thing that happens is as bad as it seems. A couple of weeks ago I went out to start my car up and go to work. I had left it on the street in front of the house, but it was not there when I went to get it. Obviously I called the police and reported it stolen. By the next morning they called me back and told me they had found it, but that it was not much to look at. A Sacramento car accident attorney called me soon after and asked me if I wanted to sue the people who had wrecked it. Of course I had no real clue what had happened and did not tell this guy any thing. It turned out that some kids had stolen my car and taken it on a joyride up into the Sierra Nevada. In fact they had pretty much driven the wheels off the thing. In fact I was not terribly upset about any of this, not even when they brought the car back on a flat bed wrecker and asked me what I wanted to do with it. I told them that they may as well take it to a junk yard, unless the police wanted to keep it for some reason. The thing was obviously a total loss after having been driven into a tree, apparently more or less on purpose. After the teenagers had gotten done with it, they had decided that it would be fun to wreck it on purpose. Of course I knew something else. A few days before I had noticed the car was not running right and I had taken it to the mechanic that I use. He was not sure, but he suspected the head gasket needed to be replaced and that costs a lot of money.