Nov 09

Personal injury case: How to be eligible for compensation

personal-injury-lawIf you have been a victim of an accident due to the negligence misfortune of others, many questions will run through your head. For example, how worthy of my personal injury case? There is no magic formula to these questions, but following a few simple rules to maximize your chances of getting a hefty compensation in personal injury cases:

Rule 1: Do not break the rules law
This sounds simple, but easy to ignore. Often, victims of accidents tend to violate the basic rules of law which does not produce the compensation given to them. For example, in a traffic accident, do not run away from the accident location, because it is illegal. While a claim for compensation, does not provide a false document, which can cause your claim denial.

Rule 2: Cooperate, but no responsibility
As far as possible, in cooperation with the guilty party and the police when they ask you for help or contact information. Remember, DO NOT admit fault.

Rule 3: Prepare all documents
Maintain a record of all related to the accident, which will strengthen your claim. It is a good idea to store pens, diaries, and a camera to record the details when needed.

In particular, for a successful personal injury case, you should note:

- Details of the accident when it was still fresh in your mind – how it happened, whether it was an accident on the road, at what speed the car is driving, traffic conditions, road conditions, etc. as well as witnesses. Photos of the crash site can serve as evidence in court.

- Contact details of the people involved, witnesses, details of insurance companies, etc.

- Financial loss due to health care costs, inability to work, loss of transportation, vehicle damage, etc. – The physical condition of the body and the mental trauma and suffering caused by the accident. The medical report is an important document that proves that you are hurt. So to answer the question ‘personal injury case when I entitled to compensation? ‘Only when you satisfy the court with documents proving that the suffering and trauma is the result of the negligence of others.

Rule 4: Insist agreement with the lawyers does not have to cost you. Although obviously, only a professional lawyer can help you handle complex personal injury cases. Many victims of accidents on the road or at work to avoid contacting a lawyer because they can not afford to pay a hefty fee. A no win, no fee agreement is the best option in the case of personal injury. This means that you do not pay any lawyer, you at all if you lose. If you win, the insurance company of the other party to pay your lawyer fees.