Nov 01

Legal Alternative to Marriage Annulment or Divorce

family couple_fightingMany people who think that their marriage is not in harmony again so decided to get a divorce. They also waited too long to take this step or they rush without analyze alternative solutions. It is true that there are situations when people have to be reconciled is getting divorced and stop torturing their lives, but there are also cases where divorce is not the best solution.

Divorce is seen as a radical change in the lives of couples, especially if there are children involved, too. In addition, the legal fees are very expensive and some people can not buy it. This is why more and more people are choosing alternatives to divorce their spouse before taking a decision.

Cancellation marriage was one of the legal alternatives to divorce. Rescission civil wedding usually takes less than a divorce, but there are exceptions, especially when the cancellation is stated at the end of the divorce process. Civil revocation can occur only in specific circumstances which usually involves one partner withhold important information such as age, sexual orientation, criminal record, previous marriage and divorce or in some cases a disease that affects the marriage is irreversible.

Another alternative to divorce is a legal separation. This is a good choice when people do not want a divorce, but want to make a legal manner. Some opt to segregate, separate living without making it law. It is not considered a legal separation. To get the kind of separation should only submit a petition to the court in which they asked the court to consider their legal separation. This petition sets things like custody, separation matters and allow couples to benefit from legal protection in case one partner breaks the agreement.

Controlled separation is a legal contract where it clearly defined separation. Couples who choose this alternative to divorce usually undecided whether they want a divorce and are willing to come out through marriage counselling. Throughout the years has proven that the counselling service has been very useful for couples who still have feelings and do not want to go to a separate yet. The result can be amazing, especially since everything is set out in a written agreement. In addition, there are associations for family law who can offer guidance and who understand that divorce should be the last step is to take.