Jun 04

Green Card for Investors

Getting permanent residency in United States can be a very difficult process. It may requires a lot of resources and also cost that is not small. What makes it harder is dealing with the immigration process can be very overwhelming and not to mention it is also related with very sophisticated legal process. However, there are opportunities for those seeking permanent residency for those willing to invest into U.S businesses.

If you are an investor and currently seeking a green card, you can use this opportunity to get what you want for years. The EB-5 status is designated for permanent residency status for investors. Off course there are requirements including minimum amount of investment to make you eligible for this offer and also it is still a legal status and it can be quite sophisticated process. Having a legal representation by the expert in immigration law will significantly increase you chance to get the green card. If you are considering seeking green card through investment in Houston, The Toppins Law Firm is ready to help. This is a leading law firm based in Houston and one of its area of expertise in in immigration law. This law firm is offering comprehensive legal service to investors looking for permanent resident status through EB-5 program.

The Toppins Law Firm has team of legal attorneys with comprehensive expertise in immigration law. They have great credentials in EB-5 program. With extensive knowledge in immigration law and seasoned experience in various immigration cases, this law firm has the most reliable resources to help you. This law firm has been representing many investors and successfully helped them obtaining green card through EB-5 program. You can be sure there’s no other attorney with better expertise in EB-5 program that the attorney s at The Toppins Law Firm. Don’t hesitate to contact this law firm and schedule a consult.