Dec 18

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Oakland

Everybody has a bad time but for some it gone worse. It is like when you caught driving when you drunk. That’s a serious felony and you get a criminal charge for it. The reason why you did that awful thing is no longer relevant but how you need to handle the case you are facing. DUI case can lead into a very serious consequence and believe me, you don’t want to deal with it.

Under the legal system we have, everyone has the right of legal defense when facing a criminal charge and it is a right you really need. A good defense can make a big difference of the result out of the legal process. Since you are facing criminal charge you need a good criminal defense lawyer. Here in Oakland, you can always trust Louis J. Goodman. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer, he is dedicated his legal practice helping defending people facing criminal case from a minor charge into a high profiled cases. He has a strong commitment that everybody has the same right before the law and nobody is guilty until the court decides it so. He will defend his clients to make sure that the legal rights are fully protected and the clients will get the best outcome from the case.

Mr. Goodman has been practicing law for more than 25 years and during his tenure, he has been building expertise and experience in criminal defense. He has tremendous knowledge about the legal process and really knows the right defense strategy. DUI case is one of the forte of this criminal lawyer Oakland. He is ready to assist his clients from the time the client get caught under Police custody. He will handle everything from the bailing process, court session, and other process making sure that you will get the best result.